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Side view of women's brown indoor/outdoor sandal with blue text reading, "50% more room to get in!"
  • Women's Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

    The easiest to use hands-free shoes!


    All Quikiks shoes are made with our Hands-Free Step-in-Go Technology. With this technology, there is no need to bend over or sit down when taking the shoe on or off, saving you time and helping individuals with conditions which make bending over difficult. 

    • • About 50% more room to get in compared to a typical shoe!

      • Includes orthopedic double-cushioned insole with arch support

      • Fully functional laces for adjustability

      • Padded collar

      • Black slip-resistant bottom sole

      • Wide, flat bottom sole for stability

      • Mild rocker bottom to promote natural gait

      • Large toe box

      • Cutline for mid-sole modifications

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