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Our Story


My name is Steve Kaufman.  I’ve had a varied career including working as an engineer and owning my own gourmet store.


Then something happened.

Meet Alex..

Several years ago, my son Alex here, was diagnosed with scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine.

Alex needed to wear a torso braces 22 hours a day to help prevent further progression of his spinal curve, but it also prevented him from being able to put his own shoes on.  After the first year or so of me doing it for him, I thought, “there has to be a better way”  --But, there wasn’t, and so the idea of developing a Hands-Free shoe was born.


It turned out that we were not alone in our struggle to find hands-free footwear. I found out that MANY people have various physical or cognitive challenges that make it difficult for them to do this simple task that most of us take for granted.  Either they outright can’t do it, or doing so causes them a great deal of pain and effort.  In either case, their quality-of-life suffers and their independence and self-esteem are reduced because they often have to rely on others to put their shoes on for them –just as Alex relied on me.  


With over six years in the making, fabricating and testing many prototypes, and getting a lot of help from committed professionals who, along with me, truly believe these shoes can improve the quality-of-life of so many people, they were finally ready.  And now, thanks to Quikiks, these people can reclaim their independence one step at a time!

Image description: Alex hugs Steve. They both sit at a picnic table on a pier.

Meet Alex’s scoliosis brace…

Image description: on left, an x-ray of Alex's scoliosis. On right, an image of his back brace.

Giving Back

Working with people with disabilities is a passion of ours. We pledge to donate 10% of our net profits to organizations that serve this community.

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