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Quikiks for Heel Spurs

Quikiks are... unique

Quikiks are the easiest to use hands-free shoes. Unlike our competitors, each shoe can be individually donned and doffed from a sitting or standing position and without the need to use your opposing foot to pry your foot out. More space allows for comfort amid inflammation and with comfort orthotics, rendering them the ideal shoe for all people with heel spurs.

Quikiks are... the shoe for Heel Spurs

According to the Cleveland Clinic, heel spurs often form alongside Plantar Fasciitis and are bony growths that pokes out below your back heel. These painful growths are a result of stress and inflammation. Pain and swelling of the foot are all common symptoms. Quikiks provides the ideal support for patients to find relief from this condition. 

Our shoes are compatible with custom orthotics, and customers are asked about their orthotic preference when ordering. This ability to adapt to each client's unique needs is one of many factors which sets Quikiks apart. Additionally, our extra room built into each shoe, facilitated by a stretchable upper, allows for adjustments to inflammation. Furthermore, by allowing customers to kick our shoes on and off without ever bending over, further strain on their feet and legs are eliminating, limiting further injury, which can occur when overcompensating for such an injury. 

Quikiks are... the future

Heel spurs impact approximately 15% of people over the course of their lifetime. With Quikiks as the leading shoe to address the intersection between heel spur symptoms and traditional shoe design flaws, millions of patients have the potential of benefitting from our technology--and that's just for heel spurs. Quikiks benefits dozens of other health conditions as well ranging from Parkinson's to spinal cord injury. Quikiks are the future. 

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