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Quikiks for Mallet Toe

Quikiks are... unique

Quikiks are the easiest to use hands-free shoes. Unlike our competitors, each shoe can be individually donned and doffed from a sitting or standing position and without the need to use your opposing foot to pry your foot out. Additionally, space allows for the bent joint and inflammation associated with mallet toe to settle comfortably in the toe box. 

Quikiks are... the shoe for Mallet Toe

According to the Mayo Clinic, mallet toe is characterized by an unusual bend the joint of a toe closest to the toe nail. This leads to swelling, inflammation, mobility concerns, and general pain when using shoes. Quikiks provides the ideal support and relief for patients suffering from mallet toe.

Increased room in the toe box immediately sets Quikiks apart from other shoes. This space allows patients with a mallet toe to comfortable situate their foot in the shoe. Extra room also accommodates swelling which could vary day-to-day. Mayo Clinic even says mallet toe is often caused by footwear that is improperly engineered, with too tight of a toe box and/or no arch support. Outside the extra room, Quikiks is compatible with custom orthotics and provides excellent arch support, providing comfort and rest for patients whose condition is worsened by other shoes. 

Furthermore, by allowing customers to kick our shoes on and off without ever bending over, further strain on their feet and legs are eliminating, limiting further injury, which can occur when overcompensating for conditions such as hammer toe.

Quikiks aren't only for patients with active mallet toe. Just like in hammertoe, many cases of mallet toe are caused by design flaws in typical shoes which Quikiks takes steps to overcome. Patients at risk of mallet toe or recovering from mallet toe surgery benefit as well from Quikiks for this reason.

Quikiks are... the future

Millions of people may suffer from mallet toe today. With Quikiks as the leading shoe to address the intersection between mallet toe symptoms and traditional shoe design flaws, millions of patients have the potential of benefitting from our technology--and that's just for mallet toe. Quikiks benefits dozens of other health conditions as well ranging from Parkinson's to spinal cord injury. Quikiks are the future. 

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